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Desktop printing can cut your print bills by thousands of pounds a year.

Over the past decade most of us have become very familiar with the cost benefits associated with desktop publishing. Only now are people starting to become aware of the huge cost savings that can be achieved from in-house desktop printing.

How much do you pay external printers each year for short print runs?

With the right media a wide variety of regular short run print tasks can now be produced professionally and inexpensively on your own desktop printer. Choose wisely from the large range of modern desktop printers and you will find models capable of producing exceptional print quality on a remarkable range of print tasks.

During the last five years Three Fives Media has developed its wide range of exclusive media products for use in desktop printing. This has established us as the leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist media for desktop printing in the UK.

Forget wasting time and money on printing thousands of copies when you only need a handful.

The solution is Three Fives Media.

Business Cards

Print just what you need when you need it.

The minimum print quantity is ONE and the quickest print time can be now, when you choose Three Fives Media and the right desktop Printer. Explore our range of pre-prepared and pre-creased or perforated media and look what you can do!

Print only what you need when you need it, eliminate waste and save money! It's better for the environment too!

Three Fives Media is purpose designed to allow you to create a whole range of professional quality documents. Business cards, banners up to 1200mm long, brochures, spreadsheets and even free standing showcards and point of sale are now easily desktop printed on Three Fives Media. It's the perfect solution for test samples, 'short runs' or when time is against you.

Can we supply the print media you need?

At Three Fives Media we carefully select and purchase papers and boards in bulk from a wide range of sources. We trim, perforate and crease the media to create an exciting range of unique products for you to print on your desktop printer.

If you can't see what you want, call us on 0115 940 5550!

Durable Tearproof and Waterproof Print Without Laminating

We include papers / boards at weights of 100gsm, 160gsm, 200gsm, 300gsm, 400gsm and 500gsm. These are available in both smooth matt and glossy finishes and we have access to a wide range of alternative colours and textures. We also include our unique range of water and tearproof Tuff Media® products for rugged print applications such as outdoor banners, signage and self adhesive labels. We offer small pack sizes through to bulk packs to cater for all needs.

So, if there is no existing product that meets your needs, call us on 01159 405 550 and discuss your requirements. It may be possible we can create a solution specifically for you.

Independent Advice on printers and media

Printer with a question mark

What desktop printer and media should I buy?

Getting the most out of desktop printing requires careful selection of the right media and printer to achieve the range of print jobs you require. At Three Fives Media we produce media suitable for a wide range of desktop and office printers. We regularly assess printers used for desktop printing applications to identify which machines give the best results across a wide range of print tasks. Many modern laser, LED and Inkjet printers have banner printing capabilities of which users may be unaware. These and other functions may make it possible for you to achieve much more with your existing printer than you currently do. If you are unsure what your printer is capable of ask us for advice.

Our experience and expertise puts us a unique position to be able to provide independent advice on your existing printerís capabilities or on selecting a suitable printer for your needs. For free no obligation advice call us on 0115 940 5550.

A range of printers and media are available at our Nottingham office for demonstration purposes. Customers are invited to visit our office to discuss their requirements or for a demonstration of media or printers. Call 0115 940 5550 to arrange an appointment.


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